The development trend of smart home

With the rapid development of smart home, more and more homes begin to introduce intelligent systems and equipment. The intelligent system covers the content from the simple way to a variety of ways to combine the direction of development. Smart home interactive platform is a platform with interactive capabilities, and through the platform can put a variety of different systems, protocols, information, content, control in different subsystems for interaction, exchange.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Each subsystem can operate independently from the interactive platform

In the interactive platform of smart home, each subsystem can operate independently when it is separated from the interactive platform. Each subsystem runs under the management of the interactive platform. The platform can collect the operation data of each subsystem and link the system.

2. Different brands of products and different control transmission protocols can interact through this platform

Thanks to the interactive platform, different subsystems under the unified management of the interactive platform can work together to exchange and share data, give users the maximum choice, and fully reflect the personalized smart home. At the same time, it also has the function of gateway, through the interactive platform, can be connected with the wan, remote control, remote management. It has a variety of mainstream control interfaces, such as RS485, RS232, TCP, IP, etc. At the same time, it can expand and add popular control interfaces at home and abroad, such as EIB, lonwork, ce-bus, Canbus, and wireless networks such as WiFi, GPRS, bluetooth, etc. According to the changes of customers and the market, the driver software and hardware interfaces of various buses and systems are constantly added. The rich and diverse communication and control interfaces provide the basic guarantee for the diversified choices of subsystems. The smart home has the maximum tolerance and the users have more choices.

3. The intelligent terminal (touch screen) is only used as the display and operation interface of each subsystem

The whole system runs under the control and management of the platform. The intelligent terminal (touch screen) is only used as the display and operation interface of each subsystem. The multi-intelligent terminal configuration is easy and feasible. At the same time, the operation data of each subsystem can be recorded to provide a basis for system operation optimization and self-learning. Interactive platform: the platform can record and store the operation data of each system, provide effective historical data for the operation of the system, and summarize the user habits and some rules based on the historical operation data, so that the system can learn by itself.

4. Control software can be programmed (DIY) to provide information services

This system is convenient for users to change the control logic, control mode, operation interface, user control logic, operation interface can be customized, you can DIY. In the modern smart home system, information service is a very important part of the indispensable, with information service, it to the smart home more "wisdom", to our life to provide more information and information, to the smart home with more vivid life, it is a higher level of smart home. Information services include: health, cooking, traffic information, life knowledge, infant feeding, children's education, daily shopping, community information, home control experts, etc., smart home is not only for the control of the system but information services and control organic combination of the system.

5. Multiple control means

In daily home life, in order to enable us to control the control system of the family at any time, the need for information access at any time, the form of the operating terminal is very important, a variety of forms of intelligent operating terminal is essential such as: intelligent remote control, mobile touch screen, computer, mobile phone, PDA and so on.



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