System design principles of smart home

1. Practical and convenient

The most basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. To intelligence lives in a product to say, the most important is with practical for the core, slam the door those are flashy without substance, can fill the function that makes a decoration only, the product is given priority to with practical, easy use and human nature.

For many personalized mode of smart home control is very diverse, such as: local control, remote control, centralized control, mobile phone remote control, induction control, network control, timing control and so on, the intent is to let people get rid of the cumbersome affairs, improve efficiency, if the operating processes and procedures set too trival, easy for users to produce resistance. So in the design of the smart home must take full account of user experience, pay attention to the convenience and intuitive operation, the best can use graphical control interface, let the operation see is income.

2. Reliability

Each intelligent subsystem of the whole building should be able to operate 24 hours a day. For each subsystem, the corresponding fault-tolerant measures are taken in terms of power supply and system backup, so as to ensure the normal and safe use of the system, good quality and performance, and have the ability to cope with various complex environmental changes.


3. Standardization

The design of the smart home system should be in accordance with the relevant national and regional standards, to ensure the expansion and expansion of the system, the system transmission using standard TCP/IP protocol network technology, to ensure that the system between different manufacturers can be compatible and interconnection. The front-end equipment of the system is multifunctional, open and expandable. Such as the system host, terminal and module use standardized interface design, for the home intelligent system external manufacturers to provide integrated platform, and its function can be extended, when the need to increase the function, do not have to dig pipe network, simple and reliable, convenient and economical. The selected system and products can make the system and the future development of the third party controlled equipment interconnection.

4. Convenience

Wiring installation is simple directly related to the cost, scalability, maintainability of the problem, we must choose a simple wiring system, construction can be with the community broadband wiring, simple, easy; The equipment is easy to learn, operate and maintain. The convenient design of the system in the engineering installation and debugging is also very important. Home intelligence has a remarkable characteristic, that is, the workload of installation, debugging and maintenance is very large, which requires a large amount of manpower and material investment and becomes the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. In view of this problem, the system in the design, should consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as the system can be remote debugging and maintenance through the Internet. Through the network, not only can the residents realize the control function of the home intelligent system, but also allows the engineering staff to check the working status of the system remotely and diagnose the faults of the system. In this way, the system setting and version update can be carried out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and maintenance of the system, improves the response speed and reduces the maintenance cost.

5. Lightweight

"Lightweight" smart home products as the name suggests it is a lightweight smart home system. "Simple", "practical", "dexterous" it is the mainest characteristic, also be its and system of traditional intelligence household biggest distinction. So we generally do not need construction deployment, function can be freely combined and relatively cheap price can directly face the final consumer sales of smart home products known as "lightweight" smart home products.



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