Professional version of IP camera features

IP camera generally refers to the network camera, it includes an ordinary camera, video server, network card, application software, and some also include the head and variable lens.

IP camera is a traditional camera and network video technology with the combination of a new generation of products, in addition to have all conventional camera image capture function, the machine is built into the compressed digital controller and the operating system based on WEB, made by compressed video data encryption, through the LAN, Internet or wireless network, to the end user. Remote users can use the standard web browser on PC, according to the IP address of the network camera, access the network camera, real-time monitoring of the target site, and real-time editing and storage of image data, but also can control the camera head and lens, for all-round monitoring.

With IP camera pro, you can quickly and easily view what your camera captures from anywhere via wi-fi and data connections. Don't worry about what might happen to your home when you're not there. Whether you're working late at the office or on vacation,IP camera pro lets you keep tabs on everything you care about!

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