LS VISION was awarded member unit of Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce

In February 2019, Shenzhen LS VISION Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded member unit of Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce.


The Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce was established on December 18, 2015. The main business scope is to cooperate with major industry exhibitions to understand market trends and industry trends; and to conduct member training to promote member companies' law-abiding and self-discipline operations; The services of the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise actively build bridges for the middle and lower reaches of the industry, help the development of the industry, and serve the development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.


Chamber of Commerce Function:

1) Open a Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the law and handle related matters in accordance with the regulations.

2) Help member companies to communicate with each other, resource sharing and common development.

3) Help to build member business platform

4) Assisting members in organizing various exhibitions

5) Regularly carry out industry-based technical seminars to promote industry development.


Today, with the rapid development of the times, the security industry is extremely competitive. How to judge the situation and innovate in the enterprise has become a problem that LS VISION continues to ponder and explore. The successful joining of the Smart Security Chamber of Commerce has brought together many elites in the security industry. It also means that LS VISION has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce in the field of safety production, safety production management, research and service, and will certainly promote LS VISION further development in the security industry.


LS VISION, is professional supplier for Security Video Surveillance and Smart Home Solution. Adhere to the mission of "Only for Quality Life", the corporate values of "Quality, Innovation, Dedication", We focus on the Full HD security product and smart home R&D, production and sales. Combined with team wisdom is committed to creating the ultimate high-quality products and services, To provide customers with intimate service and program system.


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