Features of the wireless NVR kits are detailed

Hd resolution for browsing and recording

The wireless NVR kits supports the access of 1080p and 720p hd network cameras, supports real-time browsing of hd video, supports 24-hour uninterrupted hd video video recording of all hd network cameras, and supports external hd decoder to realize hd TV wall display function.

64 channel network front-end access

The wireless NVR kits can be connected to the network front-end of up to 64 channels, support h. 264 encoding, and realize full real-time video browsing and recording with the highest resolution of 1080p. In addition, each network front-end can achieve double code stream transmission, video always maintain high resolution, and real-time browsing of the image according to the network bandwidth and browsing screen and other conditions automatically adjust the resolution.

Hd dual screen display

Wireless NVR can be dual screen display. The main screen can choose HDMI output or VGA output, the auxiliary screen USES VGA output. HDMI video output interface can achieve 1920 x 1080 hd display resolution.

In practical application, the main screen plays all video images through a variety of screen styles, channel rounds and other ways. When a detail needs to be paid attention to, the image can be switched to the auxiliary screen with one key through mouse or keyboard operation. It can not only show all video images, but also pay attention to the details of an image scene.

Video retrieval is graphical

Wireless NVR USES the graphical timeline mode for video retrieval and playback. The calendar can be used to conveniently select the video date, and multiple video files can be selected at the same time. The time length of the timeline can be defined by itself. Different recording states are marked by different colors on the timeline, which is concise and intuitive.

Large capacity data storage

The wireless NVR has 8 internal hard disks with a total design capacity of 32T. The hard disk supports hot swap. When the hard disk is in the non-working state, it will automatically enter the sleep state to save energy.

In addition, NVR can further expand the storage capacity through the IPSAN disk array and the eSATA disk cabinet.

ANR technology

In applications where storage reliability is required, NVR will automatically enable front-end storage in case of device or network failure to prevent video interruption or loss. After troubleshooting, the front-end storage data can be automatically synchronized to the NVR center storage without affecting the real-time video transmission quality. The whole process of data recovery does not need to be manually operated by users, and will not affect the use of normal functions.

Dual network port design

Wireless NVR supports dual network ports, and can carry out business in different network segments, such as supporting network front-end access of different network segments. This is useful in situations where network isolation is required.

Professional cooling technology

The wireless NVR adopts professional air duct cooling system design, which can ensure the rapid heat dissipation of the system and keep the equipment in a cool state under high working pressure, thus improving the reliability of the whole machine.



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